Biomedical Gold-Alloy (Lega Aurea)

The laboratory uses and purchases Biomedical Gold-Alloy (Lega Aurea), in the form of platelets, from the best companies in the dental sector, then accompanying the finished product with certifications indicating the lot of the origin and the date of production.

On the market there are various types of Gold-Alloys (Lega Aurea) that differ for the final use of the same. In the laboratory we prefer to use Gold-Alloy (Lega Aurea) Palladium for the construction of structures to be coated with Ceramic Aesthetic Materials.

We prefer the use of Gold-Alloys (Lega Aurea) with percentage contents not lower than 450 thousandths of precious metals for the construction of other types of work.

For the transformation of dental Gold-Aalloys (Lega Aurea) into medical devices, we use exclusively the automatic lost wax casting technique.


Possible solutions on the medical indication:

  • Prosthesis Crowns and Bridges cementede
  • Prosthesis Crowns and Bridges Screwed
  • Individual Prosthesis Abutments
  • Provisional Prosthesis Crowns
  • Prosthesis Inlays
  • Prosthesis Mariland
  • Combined Skeletal Prosthesis
  • Prosthesis Posts and Cores


ATTENTION: The certificate present on this website refers to the material used to date, the Dental Team reserves the right to change it at any time according to its own requirements.

Manufactured in Biomedical Gold-Alloy (Lega Aurea)