Biomedical Special Resin

The laboratory uses and purchases special biomedical resin from the best companies in the dental sector, then accompany the finished product with certifications that indicate the lot of origin and the date of production.

This photo-curing resin is used exclusively for 3D-Printing. Raw is always presented in liquid form but there are different types with different uses: from the production of models (master and / or antagonists) to the production of Castable Structure, diagnostic waxture and orthodontic bite.


Possible solutions on the medical indication:

  • Printing of Cast of Set of Teeth
  • Printing of Master Models (for implantology, fixed prostheses, movable prostheses mobile and orthodontic prostheses)
  • Castable Structure (Crowns, Bridges, Abutment, Counterparts, Skeletonized, Joints)
  • Diagnostic Waxture
  • Surgical templates


ATTENTION: The certificate present on this website refers to the material used to date, the Dental Team reserves the right to change it at any time according to its own requirements.

Manufactured in Biomedical Special Resin


in Special Resin for 3D-Printing