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Excluding models in resin, prototypes in aluminum or diagnostic waxes, there are no other products that can be intended exclusively as semi-finished.

Each type of dental medical device passes, in fact, one or more semi-processing steps that finish only at the completion of the coating (where required) and then when they can be placed in the patient's mouth. Semi-finished products are sent from the dental laboratory only if they are part of orders taken from external laboratories that will complete the work.

Given the breadth of the category, we can say that in the manufacturing of semi-finished products all the materials and all the techniques / technologies available in the laboratory are used, except , of course, materials and coating techniques that would complete a device.


  • Cobalt Chrome
  • Titanium
  • Zirconium
  • Pressed Disilicate
  • Aluminum
  • Wax
  • Gold-Alloy (Lega Aurea)
  • Resin Special


  • Cad/Cam
  • Laser melting
  • Cast Fusion
  • 3D-Printing
  • Traditional processing