Skeletal Prosthesis

The skeletal prosthetic devices produced by us (acrylic resin prosthesis with artificial teeth that are anchored to natural teeth) are designed entirely after consultation with our medical professionals who, to protect and guarantee the health of the patient being treated, dictate the biomechanical specifications medical procedures necessary to obtain a high quality prosthesis. A good design of this type of prosthesis is in fact a fundamental part of the production of a truly adequate medical device.

The materials used are:

  • Metal alloys (for the supporting structure)
  • Acrylic resin (Rosé base that incorporates artificial teeth)
  • Artificial teeth of different types (composite resin, acrylic resin, ceramic)

For the main metal alloys used we can consider titanium, gold alloys and cobalt-chrome alloys. These materials are chosen in each case on the basis of various parameters such as:

  • Level of biocompatibility
  • specific weight of the alloy - lower specific weight means a lighter prosthesis wich will be more tolerable.
  • elasticity - the ability of an alloy to deform and return to its initial state after the application of a force.
  • dimensional stability - the ability of an alloy to resist chewing forces without deforming
  • hardness on the Vikers scale - determines the greater or less workability of the alloy during finishing and polishing.

Analyzing these characteristics, the reasons for the diffusion of the cobalt-chrome alloy are clear: even though it provides a biocompatibility in the average of all the alloys (a characteristic that varies from patient to patient and therefore should ALWAYS consult the medical specialist) in other characteristics CO-CRO excels easily compared to titanium (which still has an excellent specific weight) or to gold alloys (which for example sin in lightness).

The acrylic resin used as a base to incorporate artificial teeth does not have many arguments to be treated, but being the manufacturer responsible for the origin of the materials and their transformation, we keep in mind that our research of materials always better for dimensional stability, chemical stability physics and biocompatibility with oral tissues is always active. Investing also in this area we are always able to fulfill any request for custom processing by relying on different brands and types of resins.

We also carry out the same search for aesthetic variety and mechanical types to obtain the widest possible choice of artificial teeth to be included in prosthetics, contacting companies that are able to supply resistant products, in ceramic or composite resin that are, with colors and shapes as close to the patient's natural teeth.

Patient satisfaction is the basis of our constant research, and a patient happy to smile will always be a source of pride for our company.