Implant Prothesis - Preview 01

Implant Prosthesis

The importance and validity of this branch of dentistry is evident when the patient's natural denture does not guarantee an anchoring for sol...

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Fixed Prothesis - Preview

Fixed Prosthesis

The dental branch of the fixed prosthesis on a natural tooth which refers to the reconstruction of teeth compromised by damage of various kin...

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Movable Prothesis - Preview

Removable Prosthesis

The Total Removable Prosthesis commonly known as Denture, a name that diminishes the object in itself and the resources used for its manufact...

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Skeletal Prothesis  - Preview

Skeletal Prosthesis

The skeletal prosthetic devices produced by us (acrylic resin prosthesis with artificial teeth that are anchored to natural teeth) are design...

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Are you a dentist?

Dental Team is your partner in prostheses manufacturing. We offer a range of processes for all needs, we cooperate and provide assistance in the office and in the laboratory to help our customers to find the best solution for each patient.

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Did you know...

The dental prostheses are real medical devices, supplied on prescription, made with complex processing, cutting-edge technologies and high precision.

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CANTONI RICCARDO PICOTTI RUDI CANTONI CLAUDIO We have always believed that the industrial technology and digitalization should be acco...

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Since 2014, Dental Team has been collaborating with a company specialized in scanning devices in order to bring 3D impression scanners to the...

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Each type of dental medical device passes, in fact, one or more semi-processing steps that finish only at the completion of the coating (wher...

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