Removable Prosthesis

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The provisional removable prostheses are used to provide temporary solutions in cases of total or partial edentulous.These prostheses are hand...
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definitive Removable Prosthesis, used to solve total and partial edentulous problems in patients.Made to best support the mechanical stress o...

The Total Removable Prosthesis commonly known as Denture, a name that diminishes the object in itself and the resources used for its manufacturing, has a major importance in the prosthetic field for two main reasons:

  • the increase of the average age with a consequent widening of the user basin that needs this type of prosthesis.
  • The technical advancement of the field and the spread of the implant prosthesis, a much more stable and lasting system, consists precisely in the anchoring of the prosthetic device to the implants.

The quality of the devices produced today is much higher than in the past: once the prosthesis were not very aesthetic, uncomfortable and in some cases unstable, also because of the resins used and absorption of the liquids of the mouth, they risked leaving bad odors and flavors in the oral cavity.

The work done in this sense to bring the quality of these techniques like any type of prosthesis has been enormous. Companies in the dental market produce higher quality materials and we as a company are constantly researching and analyzing these materials.

The theories and protocols for the production of this type of devices are extraordinarily wide and our professionals are prepared and skilled according to the studies of the greatest scholars and masters of the sector (Gysi, Schreinemakers, Vergnano, Passamonti and many others equally important and competent) so that a deep knowledge of the matter and techniques allows them to analyze and personalize the design on a case to case basis.

For example, choosing the teeth, as it may seem trivial, should take into account a large number of factors to obtain the ideal aesthetic-functional harmony. These factors range from sex and age to the shape of the patient's face or even to his personality.

On the face of a woman, for example, the front round-shape teeth would look more adequate as they sweeten the face and lines thanks to less expressive angles. In contrast for the massive men and with strong personalities would be used more square-shaped teeth with aligned incisal margins.

It becomes evident that in edentulous (toothless) patients making a high quality total removable prosthesis must be characterized by strict manufacturing protocols due exactly to the lack of designs and reference points. Only apparently simplistic aspects such as aesthetic or fundamental structural and functional features should be taken into account: occlusal view, vertical dimension and phonetic proofs of the same structure.