Biomedical PMMA

The laboratory uses and purchases biomedical PMMA from the best companies in the dental sector and further accompanies the finished product with certifications indicating the lot of origin and the date of production.

For dental use, it is supplied on the market in the form of milling discs .

The structures are designed in Cad/Cam in compliance with a protocol that includes scanning tools and specialized dental software.

The manufacturing of the structures is then entrusted to machines directly provided from the precision mechanics sector while the aesthetic coating of the latter is committed to the skilled dental technicians to the services of which our laboratory resorts.


Possible solutions on the medical indication:

  • Provisional prosthesis
  • Provisional therapeutic prostheses


Advantages of the material:

  • High detail reproduction during the milling
  • No chipping even in very thin layers
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Chromatic stability and absence of any type of porosity
  • Biocompatibility of materials


ATTENTION: The certificate present on this website refers to the material used to date, the Dental Team reserves the right to change it at any time according to its own requirements.