Being a dentist today is very complicated.

The demands of each patient regarding the aesthetics and functionality of the rehabilitations proposed to them have always been more than just, insistent and our duty as doctors and dentists is of utmost respect and satisfaction towards them.

In recent years, these expectations were accompanied by a new request by a patient who revolutionized the modern dental reality: the timing of work.

  • Doctor, how much I should remain without teeth;
  • Doctor, how long will I have to bear these provisional teeth?;

These are two questions, among many others, which are now regularly asked in the office during the first visit. This acceleration of the times is a direct consequence of the changes that our society is going through and which transversely affect all the areas of our daily life. It does not matter whether it is about buying a car, requesting a financial product in the bank, booking a trip or getting an appointment with the hairdresser; the whole world is accelerating and it is our duty to keep up the pace.

In the domain of the dental industry, this change of pace has resulted in the creation of clinical protocols that allow to safely provide the teeth in 24 hours, while ensuring at the same time a high quality both from a functional and aesthetic point of view. The first scientific studies carried out for the creation of these protocols began in the early 2000s, accumulating, to date, such an academic background that could give the patient a prosthetic product with complete implant support in only 24-48 hours.

In our facilities we use only techniques fully supported by the worldwide scientific literature developed over the years and provide in one session, the renewal (only if necessary of course) of the compromised and damaged dental elements, the positioning of biomedical titanium implants and the final grip of the product.

Following this method, the day after the operation, the patient receives a fixed provisional implant which restores to the latter both the smile and functional chewing in a short time. These temporary elements, even though they are the test bench of the final prosthesis, are designed to be pleasant and harmonious, minimizing even the psychological discomfort that patients could feel.

6-8 months later, the time that our body uses for the stabilization of the mucous membranes and the osseointegration of the implants, the provisional denture will be dismantled and replaced by the final prosthetic product made of finished resin or ceramic.

The number of patients rehabilitated with this technique, already a considerable figure, is growing constantly and the highest degree of satisfaction has given to this methodology reliability, safety and guarantees of success. Among the advantages mostly appreciated by the patients is also the fact that all the work can be carried out with only one completely painless surgery. Intermediate visits, a practice of less advanced techniques, and the inconvenient removable implants are completely abolished here.

The definitive prosthesis fixed to the implants has a structure and volume totally similar to those of the natural teeth and guarantees minimum overall inconvenience and an excellent comfort to the patient. Particular treatment is given to the structural rigidity of the manufactured piece made by our laboratory: the entire structure is designed by computer (CAD-CAM method) and is then milled from the whole solid piece using the best biomedical materials available on the market.

The realization of the aesthetic component, which is finished and totally similar to natural teeth, is entrusted to experienced dental technicians who manufacture products of the highest quality thanks primarily to the continuous and in-depth dialogue with the doctor and the patient. I have to put the emphasis on the importance of the dental sector, the cooperation between doctor and technician is fundamental in order to guarantee excellent and lasting results to patients following the highest quality standards.

On the clinical side, the implants used for this type of procedures are made of biomedical titanium grade V and supplied entirely by an Italian company that designs and produces exclusively on our territory, and it is important to remember the surgeon's contribution not only to the implementation phase but also to the diagnostic phase.

The modern technologies which are used in our facilities (TAC 3D Cone Beam) allow us to design the entire surgery process starting from choosing the type of implant up to positioning the single fixture.

use of this technique is therefore aimed at all those who are users of removable prostheses and want a fixed alternative for their mouth, made in a single operation, completely painless and with the reliability of a clinical protocol and diagnostics - secure, certified and guaranteed.

Dott. Alfredo Stilo

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